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Healthy Grocery Shopping on a College Budget


I remember the day like it was yesterday. A surprisingly chilling January afternoon in Hawaii. I decided I was so totes over having Easy Mac for lunch everyday and binge eating fun-sized Snickers at 3 in the morning. No. This is my time to be healthy and feel good. So I take the 2 mile drive to Whole Foods on my little white moped that could and walked in to Whole Foods and I. Went. Fucking. Ham.

Quinoa Chia Seed Granola? Done. 5 avocados? Obvi I need. Every level of firmness of tofu? Sure. What’s a rambutan? I don’t know, but I want it. I go the register in which the lovely Kalani rings me up. Suddenly, the smile withers away from my face as I look down at the screen only to realize I just spent $270 ON GROCERIES. I leave Whole Foods holding back the tears as I mourn my credit card. When I arrive to my moped and realize I don’t have enough room for all the groceries, sounds I imagine only a whale can make start protruding from my mouth. I weep.

I don’t have a problem with spending more money on healthy food. But enough was enough, Whole Foods. I was going to learn how to make my grocery shopping cheap and efficient. I was going to be the McDonalds drive-thru of grocery shoppers. But healthy.

Here’s how.

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